Here you’ll find some useful links for your stay in Amsterdam. These are things I like to do, for example boottrips, museums, trips outside of Amsterdam, like Waterland (wetlands) or villages like Edam, Monnikendam or Marken. Trainrides to Zandvoort also known as Amsterdam Beach and Haarlem.
Personally I’m not a fan of organized trips and prefer public transportation to get around. It’s a easy way to get around and to discover other parts of Holland.
On the different sites you’ll find links that will explain you how to get there and otherwise I’m very willing to explain it in person.
Van Gogh museum
Anne Frank house
Stedelijk museum
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Museum van Loon
Our lord in the attic
A'dam Lookout
Captain Dave
Open boat tour
Bicycle rental
Amsterdam forest
Zaanse Schans
Lost & Found
Waterland bus tickets